Data: maggio 18th, 2014

Per scaricare il driver per SONY MZ-RH710, compatibile con Windows, Mac OS, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS 9, premete sul pulsante "Download". Se avete bisogno di driver o firmware di un’altra versione, inviate una richiesta. Se avete delle domande su questo driver, contattateci utilizzando il modulo di contatto. Sempre su questa pagina, potrete anche discutere di dettagli riguardanti installazione, rimozione o aggiornamenti per questo driver.

Tipo de dispositivo:
Schede audio / MZ-RH

Windows Mac OS


Tipo: Application
Versione: NA
Dimensione: 2.8 Mb
Sistema operativo: Windows Vista, Windows XP
UPDATE Gracenote® Security Update
Recently, a security vulnerability has been identified within the Gracenote® CDDB (CD Database) lookup service application utilized by certain versions of Sony music management software. The Gracenote CDDB lookup service provides music-related information such as artist, title and tracklist through the software. As of the date of this update, neither Sony nor Gracenote has received reports of any customers being adversely impacted by this issue. However, we take all security issues very seriously. If you use any of the Sony music management software listed below (e.g., in connection with a VAIO computer or with a Walkman® portable music player), we recommend that you download the Gracenote Update and install it on your PC.
Tipo: Application
Dimensione: 1.72 Mb
Sistema operativo: Windows Vista
OpenMG™ Jukebox Version 2.2 Patch Utility
This utility will resolve the following issues:
  • The File Tree view on the Import window displays incorrectly.
  • .OMG files are lost when the back up data is restored.
  • Error occurs causing a song to be lost when divided.
  • Files are lost when two or more files that have the same title are restored.
  • If a group (containing songs) stored in Net MD™ is deleted when the "Check-In before deletion" is set as a MD setting, the songs belonging to the group cannot be checked in - only their copyright information may be deleted.
  • Some defects in the CDDB module.
Tipo: Application
Versione: n/a
Dimensione: 3.12 Mb
Sistema operativo: Windows Vista, Windows XP
MP3 Conversion Tool
The MP3 Conversion Tool can be used to convert non-DRM protected ATRAC® format audio files stored in your computer to MP3 format audio files.

Mac OS

Tipo: Application
Versione: 2.0 & 2.2
Dimensione: 1.23 Mb
Sistema operativo: Mac OS 9
OpenMG™ Jukebox Software Uninstall Patch
This utility removes the OpenMG Jukebox software keys from the computer registry. When used following the instructions below, this utility resolves the following issues:
  • Cannot install or uninstall the OpenMG Version 2.0 or 2.2 software on the computer
  • The computer freezes or locks up at various times when using the OpenMG Jukebox software.

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